European Emergency



The European Emergency Call Number Campaign

Show with the blue-yellow logo that 112 is

the Europe-wide emergency number!

Less than one in three people in the EU are aware of the emergency number 112 being Europe-wide, in Germany even less than one in five people. So two out of three or four out of five cannot use the benefits of the lifesaving European Emergency Call Number in foreign countries. With that Germany is the fourth to last country in Europe. Even though the European Emergency Call Number celebrates its 25th birthday in 2016.


This is why we would like to invite you, your fire brigade, and your rescue service to become a part of the „Emergency Call Number 112 Europe-wide“ campaign. Show the citizens in your country with your website, your press release, and on your vehicle that the emergency call number is Europe-wide. The blue-yellow 112 logo shows the emergency call number and its Europe-wide validity.


In a four year long pilot phase the blue-yellow emergency call stickers were successfully tested by various fire brigades (professional fire brigades, voluntary fire brigades, company fire brigades) and rescue organisations during their daily operations. We offer the emergency call logo as image file for your website or for printing.

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